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We already knew her for the Reunion Film Festival, but this time it’s in the costume of director that Fabienne Redt returns to the front of the stage. Passionate about cinema since always, the Reunionese took advantage of her passage in Canada to resume writing screenwriting and here she is preparing to shoot her first feature film.

Baptized “Beignets de songe”, it tells the story of a quest, that of a Parisian who goes to Reunion to finish in French Polynesia. “It’s not an autobiographical film, but I was really inspired by my break in Canada, you know we’re always inspired by what we’ve been through in a film,” explains Fabienne Redt.

Her character will then face the difference, discovering many cultures in Reunion. “Swane is her name, will meet many different characters, and the cultures she will face will allow her to build her own identity.” A true initiation story.

“We will film in the high of the west coast, Bellemène including a beautiful Creole house,” says the filmmaker. Three locations will build the film: Paris, Reunion and finally Polynesia. Why finish the movie there? “Beyond the characters that will meet Swane, she will also get acquainted with the practice of surfing. I wanted to approach the surf a little metaphysical way, like a surpassing of oneself”. The film also ends very symbolically on a wave.

Several actors of choice are distinguished in this casting, including Julie Ferrier or François Berléand. These two actors have also come to the Reunion Film Festival. We will also meet Elisa Lasowski in the lead role. Note finally the presence in this cast of Sveva Alviti and Arnaud Binard.

This feature film, full of memories of Fabienne Redt’s childhood and her own thirst for freedom, does not yet have a specific release date. Filming should last from 8 to 9 months.

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